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At SAPPS we value your business.

We value your business and want to ensure you receive the highest quality customer service assistance. At SAPPS, we do a whole lot more than just radiators.  We can repair, re-core, re-condition, or sell our customers a new complete radiator.  We can replace cracked tanks on plastic tank radiators.  We sell new heaters, condensers, evaporators and an entire line of other air-conditioning parts.  We can service your entire heating, cooling, or air-conditioning system.  We carry a full line of hoses, belts, and thermostats.  We can make up our own air-conditioning hoses.  We can also service timing belts, heads, and head gaskets. Below are a few of the other products and services we office.

  • Cooling System Diagnosis

  • Radiator Installations, Repair or OEM Replacement

  • Welding and Fabrication

  • Heater Core Installations

  • Air Conditioning Repair

  • Water Pumps, Hoses, Belts and Thermostats

  • Gas Tank & Gas Leak Repairs (motorcycles included)

  • General Mechanic Repairs

  • Yes, we even fix plastic radiators (PTRs)

  • Sandblasting and much more...


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